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Duraforce Color: Duraforce Red

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Tuffy Dog Toys - DuraForce Bones are made with durability in mind! The outer layer is made from plastic-coated polyester fibers that are woven into a thick mat for durability. The inner layer is made from polyester. Both layers are cross-stitched together to create strength. Each edge of the DuraForce toy is covered with industrial-grade webbing to protect the edges. The toy is then sewn again to ensure it stays together in the toughest interactive play. Squeakers are sewn inside protective pouches for your dog’s safety.

• DuraForce toys are meant for interactive play and not for chewing.
• Machine washable (air dry) and it floats!
• Industrial-grade webbing protects the edges and creates strength.
• Squeakers are sewn inside pockets for your dog’s safety.

Size: 11” x 3.2” x 1.5”

DuraForce toys are built to withstand rigorous interactive play, not aggressive chewing. We use quality, durable materials, but this product is still a “soft” plush dog toy that can be damaged from chewing. 

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More about Tuffy's Duraforce Bone

Double-woven fibers make this one of the best plush toys for tugging and fetching. With built-in squeakers for added interest.

Each Duraforce Bone includes.

Four Layers of Material Tuffy Dog Toys can have up to 4 layers of material depending on the shape, size, and style of the toy. Our Ultimate series can have up to 2 layers of Luggage grade material. Certain layers of material are coated with a layer of plastic to hold the material fibers together. Finally, we use soft fleece for the outside layer.

Protective webbing For our Ultimate series we add an additional layer of webbing, whenever possible around the outside edge to cover the seams of the toy. This is sewn multiple times, for added durability.

Squeaker Safety Pockets Squeakers are sewn into material pockets inside the toy. This additional layer of safety can give you the time you need to safely remove the toy in the event your dog reaches the core of the toy.

These Tuffy Dog Toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.

**Tuffy Dog Toys are designed to be play toys NOT chew toys. No part of any toy should be ingested. Injury may result. Always be present when your dog is engaged/playing with ANY toy**


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Customer Reviews

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Great toy didn't last as long as I hoped

I had high hopes for this toy and for most dogs I believe it would be wonderful unfortunately with my case she's a hard chewer and real tough player toy only lasted her about 20 minutes before she gutted inside and pulled out one of the squeakers I agree that the product is made extremely tough and extremely well made and I don't know how she got through it to be honest but I don't know she's a resilient dog I guess and very driven I tried to use it as a fetch toy and she did like to turn it quite a bit but I'm still surprised that she tore through it and gutted it in the 20 minutes that we were playing in the yard. With that said a normal dog I believe this toy glass a really long time and was really pleased with the strength and make of it I say it's definitely worth the money


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