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Tuffy's Dudley the Duck - There is no time to dilly-dally with Dudley the Duck! Fly him through the air with a game of fetch or pull him through the pool with a game of tug; this daring duck loves it all! Your Pooch will be pleased with this fun and adventurous toy! For interactive play with one or multiple dogs. Easy to toss and Great For Indoors! Washable! And Floats!! -- soft edges won't hurt gums. The Barnyard Series is not guaranteed due to it's detailed construction.

Tuffy Barnyard toys are made with 3 layers.

  • 1 layer soft fleece on the outside.
  • 1 to 2 layers of industrial-grade luggage material on the inside.
  • 1 layer of plastic coating on the inside.

Measures 16.5" x 14"

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More about Tuffy's Dudley the Duck

Tuffy Dog Toys - Barnyard Series Construction:

Multiple Layers Tuffy Dog Toys are the most durable toys available. This dog toy is made with one layer of soft fleece, one layer of industrial-grade luggage material and one layer of plastic coating in the center.  All three layers are sewn together to make one "Tuff" layer.

Sewn Multiple Times Most dog toys have just one seam to hold the toy together. Tuffy Dog Toys sew webbing around the edges of the toy and then sew the edges together to make each toy Tuff.

Squeaker Safety Pockets Squeakers are sewn into pouches as an added layer of safety.

These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.

**Tuffy Dog Toys are designed to be play toys NOT chew toys. No part of any dog toy should be ingested. Injury may result. Always be present when your dog is engaged/playing with ANY toy**


- Manufacture: Tuffy Dog Toys

- MPN: T-BY-Duck

- UPC: 180181906824

- Size:17x 14x 3

- Squeakers: 1

- Country of Origin:

  • China

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Big toy that holds up

My 2 year old pup is a big chewer but this duck has held up. She likes to try the wing tips and the beak which have not shown any signs of breaking down in 4+ weeks of use. She loves to carry it around the house and chase after it when I toss it for her. The duck is a little larger than I realized. It's about the same length as my dog, a 20 pound poodle mix. I don't intend to order something quite so large again for my smaller dog, but that is not a critique of the toy - just an awareness for smaller dog owners. I think it's larger size has made it more difficult for her to carry, so it's not been one of her top toys but is still one she plays with most days.

M. M.
Broken Sqeekers

Only lasted for a few minutes and both squeekers done. Tough bone came with one already not working from start. Very disappointed in sqeeker quality and place ment in wing of duck. Should of been put in body for more durability. We have over thirty dollars into two broken toys.

Not so tuff

My 6 month old lab took only 15 minutes before she cut or tore the wind loose. Then pulled the trim off. She likes it ok but it's not going to last. I'm thinking of just cutting the wings off.

Tough c.
No match for my pup

Love this toy but my 10-month old Lab ripped it in 2 places in a week. It's still usable. I think the durability rating of 7 is high if you have a real chewer.

Prue t.T.M.
Well loved toy

My favorite toy is Dudley the duck! This is the only toy I haven’t chewed through in one sitting. I’m currently on my second Dudley because my first one got a hole in it about 1 year after I got it. The squeakers stop making noise typical about a month into play, but this makes momma happy and makes the toy more bearable to humans.


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