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Davie the DuraForce Duck

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Davie the Duck is the newest DuraForce Toy. Featuring a Durable Thick Woven Outer Material making him thicker and stronger than many multiple-layer toys. Great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs. Best for dogs who like to whip their toys and play tug for hours. Floats in water, and it’s machine washable, (air dry).

Why a dog's best friend loves it:

  • Machine washable (air dry), and it floats!
  • 2 Layers of Material
  • Industrial-grade webbing protects the edges and creates strength.
  • Squeakers are sewn inside pockets for your dog’s safety.
Measures 8.8" x 4.8"
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    More about Davie the DuraForce Duck

    Duraforce toys are made with UP TO 2 layers. The exterior mesh is thicker than most multiple-layer toys!

        1 layer of Durable Plastic Coated Woven Mesh on the outside.
        1 layer of strong luggage-grade material on the inside.


    All of the toy layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 rows of cross-stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching. Some toys have an additional piece of webbing trim which protects the sewing edge and makes the toy even stronger.

    The squeakers are attached to the toy with protective pouches. This feature provides a safe window to remove the toy from your pet should it reach the core.

    Over time your pet may begin to wear down the different layers of the toy and may loosen or remove pieces. This is normal. Remove loose threads to avoid ingestion. If your pet reaches the white stuffed core of the toy discard it immediately.

    Our toys are “Built to Last”, but keep in mind no toy will last forever. This toy is designed as an interactive “play” toy and is not a chew toy. No part of the toy should be ingested. Dog toys are meant for you and your pet to enjoy together. Don’t allow your pet to play with any toy unsupervised. Remember to be a responsible parent and stay close when your dog is playing with any dog toys.


    - Manufacture: Tuffy Dog Toys

    - MPN: DFC-Duck1-T-BG

    - UPC: 180181020582

    - Size:2.8 x 8.5 x 4.8

    - Squeakers: 1

    - Country of Origin:

    • China

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Irma F.C.
    Davie the DuralForce Duck

    We absolutely Love it, My dog went nuts when she received the bed and all her new toys. Thanks


    My German Shephard usually destroys plush toys in a day or two (or more often minutes to hours) and this one is still intact after a week! The squeaker only lasted a day, but compared to other brands of toys at a similar price point, this is a definite winner for me


    Unfortunately my dog tore through it in about 5 minutes. 🙁

    They look Cute together

    My Olav the adopted is a runt, wr have no idea what kind of mixes he is and neither does the high-kill shelter he came from. They only know he has dominant collie blood, but his Primary Vet believes he has Nova Scotia Duck-tolling Retriever in him, and we cannot agree more after looking the breed up. Olav may have the softest of kissable lips like my Labrador Retriever, but he also has an impressive set of teeth that no ordinary toys can survive 24hrs under their onslaught lol! Hence, it's Tuffy toys or similar that has a Tough Rating or nothing for us. And because of his Duck Tolling heritage, we decided to give this a go, plus we want him to have a flotation toy too because he should be a strong swimmer. So even if it is not gona last too long, at least they look cute together and my boy does look happy with a duck in his mouth.

    Greg B.
    Not that Tuff

    My 6 lb teacup Yorkie ripped it apart in less then 30 minutes. She had fun while it lasted.


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