GoughNuts Black

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Goughnut Ring Size: Black Pro 50 Small 3.75" x .75"

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Goughnuts Black Ring - The Ultimate Chew Toy Designed exclusively for the most Extreme Chewers. The Black Ring is virtually indestructible, made of thick and bouncy rubber. Goughnuts Black Recipe is ideal for Aggressive Chewers only. While the Heavy Duty Series is reserved for the most destructive of all Chewers.

  • MADE IN THE USA— Goughnuts manufactured in the USA. These super durable dog toys are nearly indestructible, but if your dog manages to damage them, Goughnuts replaces your purchase under the lifetime warranty.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR DOG — The wider the toy, the harder it is for them to complete their bite and tear-off pieces. That’s why we offer Goughnut Black Rings in multiple sizes
  • ULTIMATE SAFETY— Goughnuts top goal is to make the safest chew toy for aggressive chewers to prevent your dog from chewing off and ingesting small shreds and pieces that can cause intestinal blockages, resulting in surgery or death. Our rubber is safe on dog teeth.
  • ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM DURABILITY — Designed by a rubber chemist with 30 years of dog chew toy experience, Goughnuts heavy-duty dog toys are made with smooth sturdy natural rubber and offer no weak spots that your dog could bite through.
  • AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS MEET YOUR MATCH — Your search for a toy that can stand up to your dog’s aggressive chewing is over. Goughnuts tough dog toys are long-lasting and will keep your dog busy while saving you money you'd otherwise spend replacing toys.
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More about GoughNuts Black

Perfect for extreme chewers the virtually indestructible GoughNuts Black chew toy is a thick and bouncy rubber ring with two layers. The patented red inner safety layer indicates when the toy has been compromised and should be sent in for a free replacement.

Made in the U.S.A. of all-natural materials. The GoughNuts Black is a stronger and more durable formula than the Original Green GoughNuts. This exclusive black formula adds carbon technology to enhance performance.

Heavy Duty identified with a Yellow/Blue Dot. The Goughnuts Heavy Duty is a High Modulus, Which means it's 50 Hardness (10 points higher than our original GoughNuts Black recipe). This recipe is ONLY for "The Power Chewing Dog." Made in the USA of all Natural materials.

GoughNuts toys also float making them a perfect companion for water dogs.

Now in 4 Great Sizes:

  • Small GoughNuts 3.75" -  Ideal for small dogs (not recommended for toy-size pups)
  • GoughNuts Black Medium 5" - Ideal for medium to large dogs
  • Goughnuts Black Medium Pro 50" - Black Pro 50 is designed for the most intense chewers. It's not for most dogs, and should only be considered if your dog has gotten through another Goughnuts product. The exclusive formula is 25% stronger than the Goughnuts Black rubber. This version of the Goughnuts does not float.
  • GoughNuts Black Large 6.25" - Ideal for large breed dogs only
  • GoughNuts Black Heavy Duty 6.25"  -  Designed for the most intense chewers. It's not for most dogs, and should only be considered if your dog has gotten through another Goughnuts product. The exclusive formula is 25% stronger than the Goughnuts Black rubber. This version of the Goughnuts does not float.


Goughnuts Lifetime Guarantee

If your dog chews through the outside wear layer (Green or Black) to expose the indication layer (Red), GoughNuts will replace your toy.

Mail GoughNuts returns to the address below. Please include a check for $8.20 that covers the priority shipping of a new GoughNuts dog toy back to you.

GoughNuts LLC
217 Lois Ave
Modesto, CA 95350


- Manufacture: Goughnuts


- UPC:

- Size:.75 Small Dogs - GougNuts Black Medium to Large Size Dogs - Max Large Breed Dogs

- Squeakers: None

- Country of Origin:

  • United States

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Jennifer f.A.

My Pit Bull destroys EVERYTHING! It was hard to find him a toy that last past 24-48 hours! That is until we found Goughnuts! He LOVES his ring and chews on it CONSTANTLY! It has been 2 months AND IT IS STILL GOING STRONG! Other than finally a couple of teeth marks in it, it is perfect! We just ordered the Goughnuts tug toy! Can't wait to get it! HIGHLY recommend this product!!!

Goughnuts Black - Extra Large 6.25"

Our 1 1/2 year old male Doberman is an aggressive chewer. Like most people have commented he tears up almost all of his toys in less than a day. He loves this ring. I was skeptical and hesitant because of the price but Im so happy I bought it. It keeps him busy and out of trouble. I’m going to order the Goughnuts stick today!

Monster J.
Need help with a sturdy chew toy

Our 90 pound Lab , 16 months old destroyed the outer black ring to the red center in just 4 days. Our trainer told us this is the best chew toy she has ever found. Not so good for this aggressive chewer.

Proved me wrong!!

I didn't think I would find a toy my Rottie couldn't destroy, but I was wrong. The Groughnut gave him months of chewing enjoyment.

lasts and lasts

have had this toy for 2 years with same 2 chew crazy Boston Terriers and it is like new. In destroyable for them.


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