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Tuffy's No Stuff Mega Ring

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Tuffy Dog Toys No Stuff Mega Ring - The  "TUFF" with no Stuff! Extremely Durable Mega Ring Dog toy with the same great construction but NO "Stuffing" in the center! Great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs. It can be used as a Frisbee or a tug toy on land or in the water. Great for flyball training! Easy to toss and Great For Indoors! Washable! And Floats!! The soft edges won't hurt gums. NO POLY STUFFING.

Tuffy No Stuff Mega toys are made with UP TO 7 layers.

  • 1 layer soft fleece on the outside.
  • 3 layers of industrial grade luggage material on the inside.
  • 3 layers of plastic coating on the inside.
  • No white poly stuffing.

Size: 14" x 14" x 1.5"

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More about Tuffy's No Stuff Mega Ring

Mega Construction: Seven Rows of Stitching Tuffy Mega Dog toys have 7 rows of stitching. The number of rows of stitching depends on the shape, size, and style of the toy.

Two directions of cross-stitching hold the multiple layers together. Rows of stitching hold webbing around the edge of the material and the toys' parts are sewn together with up to 3 rows of stitching. When possible, a protective webbing is added around the outer edge and sewn up to 3 more times. S

even Layers of Material Tuffy Mega Toys can have up to 7 layers of material depending on the shape, size, and style of the toy. Our Mega Series can have up to 3 layers of Luggage grade material. Certain layers of material are coated with a layer of plastic to hold the fibers of the material together. Finally, we use soft fleece for the outer layer. Protective Webbing For our Mega Series we add an additional layer of webbing whenever possible, around the outside edge to cover the seams of the toy. This is sewn multiple times, for added durability. Squeaker Safety Pockets Squeakers are sewn into material pockets inside the toy. This additional layer of safety can give you the time you need to safely remove the toy in the event your dog reaches the core of the toy. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.


- Manufacture: Tuffy Dog Toys

- MPN:

- UPC:

- Size:14x 14x 1.5

- Squeakers: 4

- Country of Origin:

  • China

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tami L.
Great dog tug/frisbee toy!

This toy was great for our shepherd as long as we don’t leave her alone with it. It’s great to play tug and to use as a frisbee.😄


Reggie loves these and there are several around our home at any given time. For dogs that don't stop until all of the stuffing is gone these are a great alternative (much less fluff mess). The squeakers are sturdy too.

The rating was too high.

This toy was rated as an 8 or 9. Within 10 minutes it was torn open at the clicker. About an 1/2 hour later the plastic clicker was out. What is left is chewed and tug on.

This is a good one!

My Boerboel puppy is not as into this one quite yet, but we have definitely had some fun with it. I think this is one he'll grow into as he is only 23 lbs right now. I like it, though!

Milt n.C.
Great indoor retrieve toy

Bought one two+ years ago, our Golden loves it when we toss it in the house - makes us laugh. Hardly shows any wear to this day. Gonna order two other toys for Christmas this year


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