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8 Tips for Keeping Fido Calm this 4th of July
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8 Tips for Keeping Fido Calm this 4th of July

While the Fourth of July fireworks can be a treat for humans, they can be quite frightening to mans best friend. More pets end up in shelters during the fourth of July holiday than any other time of the year. Dogs have super sensitive hearing and are known to bolt when frightened. These tips can help fido stay safe and calm this Independence Day.


Keep Your Dog Indoors

Even with a fenced in yard, dogs can be expert escape artist when they fear their life is in danger. Every year July 4th brings an upswing in lost dogs. Keep your pup indoors on July 4th, and even with a fenced in yard, consider walking them on a leash when they need to us the bathroom. Dogs can easily climb a fence, or even dig under it.


Make Some (White) Noise

Crank up the volume on a white noise machine shortly before dusk. The ambient noise will help drown out fireworks and ease Fido’s anxiety.  If you don’t have a white noise machine many smart tv’s and streaming sticks have white noise apps available. Checkout out the The Relax Channel on Roku or the  White Noise Lite app on Apple and Firestick app stores.  White noise machines and apps will provide a more consistent sound and not have breaks in sounds like live tv.


Celebrate at Home

You dog will be considerably less anxious if their pack leader is home with them. Consider adjusting your plans so you are home before the fireworks start.


Create a Quiet Space

Give your pup a quite relaxing space away from windows and doors. Many dogs feel more comfortable in a “den”. Consider moving their cage to a central place in your home away from doors and windows. You can even drape a comforter over the cage to muffle loud sounds.


Distract with Toys

July 4th is the day to get out fido’s favorite toy or give them something new and exciting. Chew toys can provide and excellent distraction for anxious dogs. Treat toys are another great option during the holidays, as they can be stuffed with small treats or creamy foods like peanut butter. Pro Top: Freeze pet-safe peanut butter or cream cheese inside the treat toy to extend play time.


Make Sure Pet IDs are Up-To-Date & Keep Collars On

Even if you dog doesn’t normally wear a collar, July 4th is a day to make sure it’s on and the pet ids are securely attached, readable, and up-to-date. Its also a great time of the year to make sure their micro-chip information is current.


Talk with Your Vet

If your best friend has previously been anxious with fireworks, consider making a vet appointment in advance to discuss anxiety medication to help keep them calm.


Exercise Fido

Walk, Run, or Play a long game of fetch with fido before sunset. An exhausted pup is a lot more likely to sleep through the 4th of July activities if they are tired from playing all day.

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