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DogTuff.com is a family owned and operated business specializing in durable dog toys and accessories. Bringing you some of the world's top brands from premium manufacturers at up to 60% off retail prices. We guarantee all products are 100% non-toxic and completely safe for your pet. With over 85% of our inventory made in the U.S.A., the safety of your pet is our top priority. Our customers can rest easy with our unique replacement guarantee on many of the products we offer. If you're unsatisfied with a guaranteed toy, simply return it within the specified period to obtain a replacement or store credit. Click here for further details.

We know from experience that no dog toy is indestructible. We also know that the products we offer are among the toughest and most durable on the market.

Who founded DogTuff.com?

Having three dogs of our own (Sadie, Dante and Macy), we were constantly looking for toys that could stand up to their aggressive chewing. Some toys, which we thought would last, would be shredded in a few minutes. There was no easy way to pick the durable toys from the others.

We had a wake-up call when we watched a news story about a dog toy we purchased for Sadie. The story referenced the potentially deadly toxic chemicals not only found in that toy, but other dog toys from the same product line. Obviously, we were horrified that we had given such a harmful toy to one of our dogs. We made the false assumptions, like so many others, that the dog toy industry was regulated. It never crossed our minds that a major retailer would actually carry such a toy.

That's when we opened DogTuff.com. We wanted a site where fellow pet owners could easily find safe, durable dog toys with honest feedback on the products offered. We guarantee a 100% non- toxic product along with some of toughest most detailed construction.

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Product Selection

We offer products which we are personally familiar with, or products that our customers have recommended. Each and every toy carried is thoroughly researched before it is considered for placement on our site.

We Research

  • Product Reviews
  • Manufactures Reputations
  • Product Safety
  • Product Construction
  • Affordability

You may find that we do not carry every product line from a manufacturer, and for good reason. Some manufacturers will “license” their name to be placed on products or outsource the manufacturing to another company. In some cases that works, but in other cases the products end up being sub-par and not in line with what you’ve come to expect from the manufacturer.


We buy in bulk from the manufacturer, which not only saves us money but allows us to pass those savings onto you.

We also compare prices. When a new product is added to the site, we price match it against all major retailers and other online stores. While we may not always be the lowest, we try to be.

Some websites offer a product extremely cheap only to charge an arm and a leg for shipping. We offer flat-rate shipping of $4.95. If we do not ship the item the next business day, your shipping is free.

We do not operate a retail store. Therefore, keeping our overhead low gives us the opportunity to pass those savings onto you.

Green Commitment

We care about the environment and strive to minimize our impact on it. Here are just a few ways we pride ourselves in being a "green" company:

Minimize Waste:

Old boxes are used for product storage in our warehouse.
We re-use the packing paper and air cushions we receive in our shipments for future orders. Any boxes or packaging not meeting the above uses are sent to our local recycling facilities.

Product Packaging

We minimize filler by packaging products in an appropriately sized boxes.
We use "multi-depth" boxes, allowing us to fold the top of the box to the height we need, which minimizes the need for wasteful fillers.
Packages that do require fillers (Kraft paper or Air cushions) are filled with recycled filler from packages that we receive from our suppliers.


Our preferred manufacturers are as committed to the environment as we are.
Many of the products we offer are 100% recyclable