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Twister Puzzle

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Twister Puzzle

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A challenging and fun game for you and your active dog. The dog is to look for treats by moving one block after another in a circle in different directions; the blocks can also be locked in position by a bone-shaped peg on the up-side of the game. There are depressions under each block where treats can be hidden. Difficulty Level 3 of 3

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The idea of the Dog Twister is for you and your dog to have an enjoyable and fun time together. The dog is to learn to look for treats by moving one block after another around in a circle in different directions. There are hollows under the blocks where treats can be hidden. The blocks can also be locked in position with pegs in holes around the up-side of the game. The dog is to learn to lift these pegs in order to be able to move the blocks and find the treats. Teach the dog words like: wait, go ahead, go back, find it, sit etc. while you are playing. Enriches your relationship with your dog. You show. The dog/cat looks, listens and learns. Give praise when it does the right thing. Together you will have fun!


Use - The first time you place treats in all the hollows. Let the dog be present and watch. Place the blocks so that some treats can be seen between some blocks.  Tell the dog to “go ahead” and allow the dog to try and find the treats by itself. If the dog does not understand, point with your finger to a treat in a hollow. Praise the dog immediately when it does things right. When the dog has understood what to do you can hide a different number of treats each round, and it depends on the dog how many rounds you manage to do in a certain time. If the dog tries to bite the game or the pieces, then put your hand over it and stop the game. When the dog has calmed down you can tell it to go ahead and let the dog try again. If the dog repeatedly wants to bite, then teach it to work only with its paws. If the dog rather wants to throw itself on the game and beat excessively with its paw, then teach it to work with its nose by putting the game on a stool/chair which is adapted to the size of the dog. This is also useful if the dog has an injured paw or if it has just had an operation.


Increase the degree of difficulty by locking the blocks with bone-shaped pegs which are to be placed in the hollows all around the up-side of the game. The dog is to learn to unplug the blocks by lifting the pegs one by one in order to be able to move the blocks and then find the treats.


Tips - You can also hide treats under all the pegs. Start by locking some of the blocks. Later when the dog has understood how to work, you can lock all the blocks. The pegs can also be placed sideways in order to make it easier for the dog to get hold of them.

One can tie a string around the pegs to make it easier for dogs and for cats to lift the blocks/pegs away.


Tips - Meaty Ice Cream....Mix some meaty dog food with water, pour some of the mixture in the hollows, put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for hot days or when the dog needs some extra activity. Note: only under strict supervision.



Easy to clean.

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Additional Information

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Another Winner
This is the 4th Nina Ottosson game I've bought for my dog. Twister is more challenging than I thought it would be, which is nice. Right now, he's learning to do it with only one of two bones. I'll add more in as he gets better at it.

I see a lot of people complaining that the dog chews the little plastic bones. Here's how to avoid this problem. Put a treat under each bone. Sit with him while he plays. Make sure he drops the bone to eat the treat, then immediately take the bone away and direct him to the next part of the game. Don't leave these pieces around for the dog to chew.

I don't let my dog play any one Ottosson game more than one day per week so he doesn't get bored of them. He also has Tornado, Brick, and Casino, so I rotate them. They're all extremely well-made toys, but they are not meant to be left with the dog to play alone. They are meant for human-dog interaction.
Review by amys / (Posted on 11/15/2014)

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