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Busy Buddy Chuckle Chew Toy

Quick Overview

The Busy Buddy Chuckle by Premier Pet is one of the most unique dog toys available. The tough rubber shell makes it durable, even for the strongest chewers, and the unique treat meter dispenses treats randomly to a unique "chuckle" noise that will have your dog begging for more!
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    XS - These toys are ideal for toy breeds.

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Busy Buddy Chuckle Chew Toy

The Busy Buddy line of treat dispensing chew toys are designed to keep your pet busy with good things to chew! Each Busy Buddy toy is made with a different and unique chewing experience in mind and helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime.

The Chuckle is a funky noise-maker that's sure to perk up playtime!  

Treat Spot Either end of the Chuckle has inner-facing, soft, adjustable rubber prongs that move aside to allow the toy to be stuffed with kibble or treats.  The prongs of the Treat Meter allow food and treats to randomly dispense, rewarding your dog as he plays.  

100% non-toxic.

This interactive dog toy is a dog favorite for sure! And it doubles as a tough chew toy - even for the most serious chewers!

Additional Information

SKU DT005076
UPC 759023053974
Durability 10 out of 10 Paws
Toys ideal for Light Chewers, Average Chewers, Aggressive Chewers, Destructive Chewers
Items ideal for Medium Dogs, Large Dogs
No. of Squeakers None
Size 2.75 x 7.25 x 5.75
Manufacturer Premier
Country of Manufacture China

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Loud Toy - Dogs LOVE IT Review by Holmes
It's loud be warned. If your dog likes to shake his toys - they will love it. My 3 fight over this. All we have to do is shake it and they come running. Great outdoog fetch toy (Posted on 2/22/13)
Great For the Hyper Ones Review by Trts Fav
If you have a high energy dog that needs to be busy "working" all the time, the Chuckle is a GREAT toy. This toy is the one toy that my very high-energy Australian Cattle Dog plays with by herself. She works and works to get the treats out. (Posted on 9/15/12)

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